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Why You Should Choose Josh Boyne

When you choose Josh Boyne to sell your home or help you in the homebuying process, you'll experience an exemplary level of service. He will utilize his knowledge with the experience and community connections to assist you in the homebuying process. He has the experience to get the job done in today's market. 

Customer Satisfaction

The proof of quality service is in repeat customers and in customers who refer myself to friends. Sales Associates typically generate a large percentage of their business from past customers and referrals. I work all hours of the week in order to provide a greater service.

Josh Boyne's Background

My dad (Timothy Boyne) was raised on an old traditional family farm in Lacombe, Alberta. He went to school in the day, farmed during the evening and weekends. Once the kids were entering Highschool, the family headed up North to Sexsmith. Along the way my Grandpa Boyne would buy acres and acres of land here and there. He always said "You can make a lot of things, but you can't make more land". My mom(Donna Boyne) was born and raised in Grande Prairie, she grew up in a little house, I mean little, it was literally 2 shacks built together. There was 4 boys and 4 girls, total of 10 people all crammed into this little house on the eastside. My mom was the youngest of the 8 kids, when she was brought home, her crib was a dresser drawer. Even being the baby of the family, she has worked hard all her life, as a kid she would do odd jobs; delivered newspapers, cleaned parking lots, collected bottles, put away shopping carts. Around the age of 16 she got a job at A&W as a car-hop(waitress on roller skates). My dad would always come there in a yellow shirt with ripped off sleeves, my mom had no interest whatsoever, she even referred to him as Big Bird. Eventually, my dad was able to build up enough courage, ask her on a date and she thought why not, a free supper. Few years later they got engaged and shortly after my oldest brother TJ was born. I came along in November 1989, Casey in January 1991 and Derrick in November 1993. That makes 3 brothers, total of 4 boys and my dad in one house, I know.. Poor mom. Through my childhood my parent's always had rental properties, we had to mow lawns, paint fences, clean up garbage and the list went on. I never really understood the purpose at the time but my dad always made it worthwhile for us kids.

I believe it was the year 2000 when my mom got back into Real Estate, which was an awesome time. She would get us to help her out here and there, as things became busy with the boom. I really enjoyed helping her, thought to myself that I could see that as a career for the rest of my life. I was working at Mr.Mikes at the time as a prep cook but the idea or dream you could say, was always there in my head. I graduated and I know I still wanted to become a realtor but I didn't know how to go about it. I had a few jobs here and there, in 2008 I placed a job as a shop hand, after 7 months I started to look at the big picture. Do I really want to be crawling under dirty trucks pushing wrenches for the rest of my life, which may be someones dream but it wasn't for me. The recession came they laid me off, I was pretty bummed about it, collected my severence and EI. I began saving up for school, I did my research, found out which college institution offered the Alberta Real Estate Licensing Course and where I was going to have to live. After I graduated I worked at Mr.Mikes quite some time saving up enough money incase I didn't sell anything for the first few months. I joined Exit Realty while working at Mr.Mikes, was trying to balance both jobs and it wasn't happening. The hours were conflicting and I needed to focus on one job, it's pretty obvious what needed to be done. I quit Mr.Mikes and Exit Realty, signed on with same company as my mother, been with Remax since June 2010.



"Shay and Dana are so excited, thanks again Josh for taking care of them in buying their first acreage."
-Katlyne Hill

"Thank you so much for all your hard work, I will definitely recommend you :)"

"I feel comfortable in saying, you are thee best realtor we could have ever asked for through this process"
-John Warr

"Thanks for being the best and most patient realtor ever it means a lot"
-Brittney Johnson

"My favorite realator!"
-Steve Petricevic

"Is so happy we finally aren't homeless anymore and I would like to say thank you to our wonderful realtor josh Boyne for putting up with us over the last few months and showing us a million houses he is the best realtor and I recommend him to everyone!"
-Brittney Johnson